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Expertise & Properties

AHSC builds communities, not just buildings.

Our general contractor, Gay Construction, leverages its proven management methods, established over five generations of business, to ensure projects are built to owners' requirements and satisfaction while adhering to regional and municipal codes and building methods.

Two men holding pencils working on building plans


Planning Development & Design

Choosing the suitable land for your development project is a complex process. Our team of Planning, Development, and design experts understands the intricacies of local regulations and will work closely with you to find the perfect site. Our years of experience consulting with industry and government bodies enable us to handle any challenge.

Man writing in a notebook infront of computer


Financial Procurement

We have built a strong network of partnerships with both public and private sectors to ensure access to the necessary resources to coordinate, construct, and operate high-quality, affordable housing. Our affordable housing solutions are cost-effective and sustainable, and we are committed to delivering on our promises.

A bearded consturction worker job site in a high vis vest


Construction Management

It starts with understanding the importance of communication and collaboration in the planning and executing any construction project. That's why our team of experts works with you from the beginning to the end to ensure that every detail is taken care of. Trust us to deliver a seamless and stress-free building process.

Two men on a construction site with blueprints in hand


Marketing / Sales / Leasing

Our comprehensive development program includes providing and managing our up-to-date project website during the development and construction stages to build awareness and interest. We organize and manage the prequalification and tenancy agreements with the local support agencies to ensure suitable tenants.

Woman working on a washing machine


Property & Service Management

With projects built with long-term sustainability in mind, we strive to develop affordable housing that requires minimal maintenance. Our projects provide management, housing, and basic on-site facilities for tenants. Our partner operating team manages multiple facilities with years of expert experience.


Exterior of 86 Munroe Street in Cobourg

There are 27 one-bedroom units and four two-bedroom units, of which five are accessible.  The building has a shared amenity room and a laundry facility for all residents.

Exterior of 82  Munroe Street in Cobourg

Condo-style apartment building with premium amenities. One and two-bedroom apartments are available.

Exterior of 173 Strang Court in Goderich

Independent senior housing in Goderich, Ontario.

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