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Planning Development
& Design

AHSC builds communities, not just buildings.

When people can live safely and comfortably and walk instead of drive they are happier
and healthier, and it is with this in mind that our seasoned team of professional’s plan,
design and develop each project.

Our real estate agents and land feasibility experts have decades of experience consulting
with industry and government bodies to identify land that complies with local
We couple this with comprehensive research around lifestyle, income and mobility to
inform each one of our projects. While the housing needs of communities can vary, easy
access to amenities like transportation, grocery stores and medical clinics will always be
important factors to us when realizing successful housing developments.

It is through our long history of building and delivering high-quality, efficient buildings
that we can carefully evaluate projects to ensure they integrate seamlessly into the
existing local community while at the same time meeting the needs of future residents.


AHSC has a long history of building and delivering high-quality, efficient buildings on time and on budget.

Our team brings decades of experience managing properties that are accessible to homebuyers earning a local living wage, much of which is focused on housing for seniors and people living with disabilities. We do so through the use of first mortgages and guarantees, government-funded subsidies, forgivable capital loans, and private investments.

Strong partnerships with both the public and private sectors ensure we have access to the resources necessary to coordinate, construct and operate high-quality, affordable housing that is both cost-effective and sustainable.


Our team of skilled consultants collaborate with highly regarded, experienced construction professionals, consultants and trades on all of our projects to ensure
timeline and budget accountability at all levels of the construction process.

By collaborating early in the planning process and assigning clear ownership of responsibilities we’re able to manage risks, consult with stakeholders and make
important decisions. The key to our success is in our seamless communication which ensures accurate accountability at every stage of the process, ultimately resulting in greater value for all stakeholders.

Our general contractor, Gay Construction, leverages their proven management methods established over 5 generations of doing business to ensure projects are built to the requirements and satisfaction of owners while adhering to regional and municipal codes
and building methods.

With more than XX housing projects completed to date, AHSC continues to hone our approach and deliver exceptional houses that people love to call home.

Marketing /
Sales /

Our development program includes the provision and management of our up-to-date project website during the development and construction stages to build awareness and interest. Working with the local support agencies, we organize and manage the prequalification and tenancy agreements to ensure suitable tenants.

Property & 
Service Management

With projects built with long-term sustainability in mind, we strive to develop affordable housing that requires minimal maintenance. Our projects provide management, housing, and basic on-site facilities for tenants. Our partner operating team manages multiple facilities with years of expert experience.

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