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Affordable Housing Solutions Corporation

AHSC develops land, constructs and manages affordable housing projects in cities and communities throughout Ontario. Our core professional team has a combined experience of more than 60 years of developing housing in 100-plus projects and creating thousands of housing units.

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Mission Statement

We believe that access to quality housing across the economic spectrum transforms communities, neighbourhoods and the quality of lives of individuals and their families, no matter their social or economic status.

Our daily decisions are guided by our commitment to ensuring that each project is infused with our core values of quality and affordability and are seamlessly woven into the fabric of each unique community.

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Our Model

AHSC sources provincial and federal affordable housing funding programs which encourage private investment in rental housing. Through the direct investment of its partners and along with financial support from local jurisdictions and specialized development financing, AHSC raises project funding for each development. This complex process requires well-orchestrated and collaborative efforts between all AHSC departments which provide construction, financing and asset management. AHSC provides all the necessary expertise through our own partners, staff and affiliates to execute each project. The multi-disciplinary framework offers enormous depth and capacity to every project, whether it involves new construction, the rehabilitation of an existing community or the infill redevelopment of an older project.

"We pay particular attention to the type of housing development we build so to ensure building and operating costs are at their most efficient."

We employ energy efficient methods for heating and cooling and low cost building methods. We work with each client community to create housing solutions for those qualified under a variety of Social Housing programs. Throughout the history of our partners and affiliates we have developed and maintained standards of excellence in each field of operation. It is on this basis that we have developed and outstanding track record in each of our respective capacities.

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